Jubal’s skillfully crafted tunes range from roots rock to power pop.

He has built his reputation as a guy who knows his music
— Mary Calurso of The Birmingham News


Born in Texas and raised in Nashville TN. Jubal has been playing music all his life.

Starting on piano and violin at an early age he was soon taking guitar lessons from his songwriting father. Later, he studied cello and music theory at Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University and began learning other instruments such as saxophone and mandolin. Jubal played and learned the basics of music and songwriting in the many bands that he has been a part of in Nashville, Memphis, and now in [his adopted hometown of] Birmingham AL where he is currently a part of the thriving music scene.

He has worked with many great musicians and shared the stage with some of his heroes. He co-produced Kendra Sutton's "Sun Sessions" , which was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis TN in 2007. Jubal has played with legendary songwriter Buzz Cason of "Everlasting Love" fame and opened for artists as diverse as Rufus Thomas and The Drive-By Truckers. His 2016 album "Mr Right Now" is filled with his eclectic musical style and witty lyrical musings.

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Inside the music there’s a flurry of mid-20th century vibes, a celebration of baroque pop and British Invasion rock a la The Beatles and Herman’s Hermits, with casual dashes into the singer/songwriter terrain. - J Matthew Cobb, Hi Fi Magazine [Read the full interview here]

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